The Moneytizer is a french company founded in 2014 by Augustin Ory, founder in 2004 of "Horizon Media" : a very important digital advertising network sold to the Yellow Pages group in 2008.

With Cyril Clément, (former development director at Lagardère Advertising), the Moneytiser's goal is to democratize the whole existing monetizing technologies through a user-friendly platform for publishers.

Subscribing on The Moneytizer is really easy.

1) Register from our homepage by filling your personal information as well as your website's information.

2) Choose the kind of formats you'd like to display on your pages. You can try as many formats as you'd like to. The Moneytizer is free and non-binding.

3) Our team verifies your website in order to guarantee a quality network. Once approuved, you will receive an email. You will have then an access to your personal space "The moneybox" on which you can retreive the javascripts codes (tags) corresponding to each formats and follow the statistics of your daily revenues.

Our plateform is non-exclusive and non-binding ! Our publishers are complitely free of broadcasting or not advertisements and to only choose formats they consider being the most suitable for their website.

We remain at your disposal for any advise you might need about formats or any kind of request.


Yes of course ! After registrating your first website, from your personal space "The Moneybox", you need to go in the "WEBSITES & FORMATS" then to click on "ADD A WEBSITE"Thereafter, you just need to request the wanted formats for this new website.

Afterward, you can follow each websites' statistics from your Moneybox homepage.

You must, obviously, be the owner of the website (or in charge to its monetization).

If you are hosted on a blog platform, you must get its approuval for displaying external ads.

In order to guarantee the quality of our offer, we turn down websites with illegal downloading, streaming, peer-to-peer, pornography, racist content etc.


By subscribing on The Moneytizer, you'll be exclusively paid with CPM.

Wich means you'll be paid on a basis of 1000 ad views (impression in the web language).

Exemple : If your website makes 200 000 monthly page views and that you decided to put a top medium rectangle on all your pages ; our partners are buying your advertisment page with an average CPM of 1€. Revenues = (200 000 page views x 1€) / 1000 = 200€ of revenues. (Warning this calculation is theoretical and does not take into account your visitors adblockers because of external softwares).

Nonetheless, 2 formats are taking clicks into account and have an impact on your CPM : « Footer/slide-in » and « Recommended content ». No matter the format, the final result will always be converted in CPM for a matter of homogeneity of the platform.

If some of our advertising partners were to refuse to monetize your website audience, we can fall back on "performing" campaigns to be sure to get a maximum optimization of your daily revenues.

We have developed an algorithm (based on an american technology called "Header bidding") which allows us to have more than 50 partners competing on each of your formats.

Bidding between partners = not a steady price but an assurance of always having the best revenue possible for your formats.

Your revenues will then depend on several features :

- The formats you decide to display on your website

- The price on which our partners will buy your ad impressions during the competition

- The seasonality (before Christmas for example, the multiplication of ad campaigns leads to an increase of the prices because the demand is increasing)

- Your visitor's adblocking. Indeed, a certain % of your visitors is using adblockers preventing our formats to be displayed. No impressions = no revenue.

As soon as you have reached the 100€ of revenue, an invoicing order is edited every 10 of each month. The payment will be an automatic bank transfer, 60 days after receiving your invoice. You don't need to ask to be paid, everything is automatic.

Think it's a little too long ? We would be pleased to pay you sooner but all of our advertising partners are paying us within the same payment term.

The graph on your Moneybox homepage shows your statistics in term of revenues and CPM.

If you want to know the number of impressions made by day and by formats, you just need to click on «Download your stats» just below the main graph.

A CSV file will be automatically downloaded.


The Moneytizer's goal is to democratize the confusing world of online advertising. Therefor, our platform allows you to benefit of a userfriendly platform gathering a synthesis of all the advertising formats available on the internet.

Unlike a "regular" advertising network, The Moneytizer allows you to benefit from ad campaigns all year long. Your advertising spaces will then always be filled. But how ? Our company has developed partnerships with the greatest worldwide ad networks (more than 50 partners) in order to offer your advertising spaces to thousands of advertisers each day.

The Moneytizer's plus : our partners are in competition each time an ad display is available on your website in order to guarantee the best price you could get. The partner with the best bid will be allowed to display his ad on your pages. All of this is possible thanks to our highly performant algorithm based on the "Header bidding" technology.

The quality of the ads' content is a priority for The Moneytizer. We make sure that you only get national and high-quality advertisers.

No ads with sexual characteristics, for dating websites or illegal dowloadings will be broadcast on your website.

Restricting advertivers is harmful for a website's monetization. It would mean that your advertising inventory would never be 100% filled. Nonetheless, you can use our platform as a complementary service to your direct campaigns if you have some.


An advertising tag is a small lign of javascript code which allows the broadcasting of ads on your website.

To place the ad on your website :

- Go to your personal space The Moneybox

- Click on the "TAGS" tab

- Copy the tag corresponding to the format you'd like to appear on your website

- Paste the tag directly into your website's source code.

Seems complicated ? Our tech team remains at your disposal te help you setting up your ads. Don't hesitate to reach out !

- By email :

- By phone (France) : + 33146894885

Yes, each tag matches one format.

However, there are two exceptions :

-The format «Mobile» format which matches 3 formats (footer, interstitial, over slide). On each visit, the mobile user will only see one of these 3 formats.

-The format «Footer/slide-in» format which matches 2 formats (footer or slide-in). On each visit, the mobile user will only see one of these 2 formats.

Don't worry, it's normal ! Due to our many partners, it's impossible for us to deliver your statistics in real time.

For example, if you placed your ads on Monday, you'll have your first statistics on Tuesday at 1pm New York time (steady update time).

In theory, you can place as many formats as you want to on your pages.

However, we do not recommend to overload your page with advertising for 2 reasons :

- If your visitors are under a too strong advertising pressure, they might flee your website or use an adblocker which means you will not earn money.

- Our partners can detect the number of ads per pages and know the odds of being viewed by the visitors. Too many ads = less visibility for each advertisers = decreasing CPM !

The winning combo ? One or two standard formats (top medium rectangle, megabanner etc. ) + 2 high impact formats or video for example.

Don't worry it's normal ! Some formats such as SKIN or RECOMMENDED CONTENT have to be validated by our partners before being generated.

An email will be sent to you as soon as they are available in your personal space.

Some formats might be refused on your website(s). The potential reasons can be numerous. It might come from an audience below the one required or from a page design not suited for the format.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you don't understand the refusal.

- By email :

- By phone (France) : + 33146894885