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At first sight, writing posts seems to be an easy task. First finding a title then a nice pic, and for the lucky ones even sketching graphics. Even if you have the best template in the world, writing a blog which will impact your audience is not that easy.

1.  What topic to discuss?

The answer might be clear, but the golden rule is to focus on your own field. As mentioned in the previous chapter, targeting audiences requires reflexion and hard work. It is important to keep in mind what you really expect from your community. You have several help options to choose your topic:

#1 Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a web tool dedicated to finding the trendiest topics related to a specific key word. This is a good way to find ideas about additional topics quickly. Leveraging social cues as a metric value, Buzzsumo is going to highlight the topics your audience might probably like. This is not about copying or translating the blogs – even if it might be a solution – but rather about providing a starting point.

#2 Social Networks

Social networks are a wealth of information in order to be aware of trends. While Buzzsumo gives you an idea about interesting topics, social networks help you observe trends and interaction between the different parts.  Always keep an eye open on TweetDeck or even Mention.  These are very useful tools when it comes to keep an eye on competition.

2. The form of content

#1 Interviews

Interviews are an efficient way to create a quality post. Every renowned media uses this tip. We should make no mistake, interviews published on blogs and specialised pages are seldom carried out as those diffused on TV or information websites.

Generally, the editor sends a series of questions to the person he wants to interview – it might be the webmaster of the page – and then adds them to his page. They rarely meet up with editors at best they discuss on the phone the details of the blog publication.

#2 The top lists

Topito, le Démotivateur and other websites use this technic to stimulate clicks: tops. Have you never wanted to know what was behind titles such as…?

  • The 10 most beautiful actresses of the world from 1990
  • The 5 best of Harrison Ford movies

ou encore

  • The 7 best Chuck Norris punch lines (I would have clicked without a doubt)

Of course you have!

Such content has a much above-average Click through rate (CTR). They are obviously difficult to place on search engines but this model works perfectly well for sponsored posts.

#3 Original formats

Apart from interviews and top lists, it is important to offer interactive content even more original: infrographics, videos, apps … are the first steps. Afterwards, you may decide to use web tools, dynamic grpahics, gaming… everything which has nothing to do with editorial content always wins faster the hearts of people.

People are more likely to be attracted to funny content. Even if the result on SEO might be less impacting, a video content will always remain much visible and viewed than a simple piece of text.

Tip: If you have a lot of video content on your page, do not hesitate to transcript the video dialogues. In this manner you will contextualize your video content and give teeth to them in search engines.


Writing a good post is a matter of experience and focus. New tools are developed every day to help you as a blogger. Practice is the key to success which is also the case for blogging.

Analyse your traffic, stay loyal to your community, improve your blogs for social network, watch trends and try to make your content attractive to your readership. This mixture should help you generate more traffic and visibility keeping the same editorial guidelines!

What about you? Do you have other tools in mind to frequently write interesting posts?

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