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The best blog posts

At first sight, writing posts seems to be an easy task. First finding a title then a nice pic, and for the lucky ones even sketching graphics. Even if you have the best template in the world, writing a blog which will impact your audience is not that easy.

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Improve your organic search ranking

SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In summary the term means to improve your websites ranking in a list of search engine results which depend on the searched term. It’s a very efficient way to increase traffic, however requires dedication and know – how. One of the most important things when wanting to work on your SEO is content. Without high quality content, you might achieve short term successes but will not be within the top pages for a long time. So let’s have a look at the foundations of SEO       

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How to establish connections between yourself and other bloggers

There are different ways to create a network of link exchanges and connections with other bloggers and Its not also a super efficient way to increase your traffic but also a great and fun way to get new ideas. But before going into details, you have to keep in mind that this is a relative long process which requires a great amount of time. So stay motivated, talk to people and do not give up! Continue reading

How to generate traffic with advertising

Generating traffic through advertising is slightly more straight forward then increasing your traffic through SEO, which is a well-known complex story. Through the data of advertising campaigns it is easier to calculate the ROI which leads to a rather exact measurement of efficiency and its future tendencies. Continue reading

The 5 most powerful women in Digital Media

Today we are introducing you to the most influential female executives of the world of online advertising. Digital and in particular mobile are experiencing a powerful year on year growth, making it the medium of today and tomorrow (considering that the connected watches market isn’t big enough yet to play a part here). Learn more about the most powerful women in Digital Media.
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What exactly is an advertising tag?

A tag is a piece of code generated by a service provider such as an ad agency; the code is to action an external call in order to integrate content into a page. There are different types of codes. Tools used for web analysis such as Google Analytics use advertising tag for the purpose of tracking.

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The noughties 4 best ad campaigns

Digital advertising is a large sector and through its fast paced dynamic also full of constant changes. For this precise reason, it is very difficult for both advertisers and experts to predict the future this market and its trends. When however reviewing  this accelerating innovation cycle, we are definitely able see the difference between a standard campaign and those ones which have the little extra something, leading to undeniable success and unpaid media coverage. Discover th best ad campaigns!

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Why Apples iWatch displays 10:09 and not 10:10

If you pay notice to watch ads you might have noticed that the clockhand always displays 10:10. But why so? Marketing specialists use this timetable for their ads precisely because it frames the logo, which is usually placed near the 12. It apparently also allows the display of a perfectly symmetric ad so that people have a clear view of the brand’s logo and the products design. So what happens with the iWatch?

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