What exactly is an advertising tag?


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A tag is a piece of code generated by a service provider such as an ad agency; the code is to action an external call in order to integrate content into a page. There are different types of codes. Tools used for web analysis such as Google Analytics use tags for the purpose of tracking.

Are tags difficult to integrate?

The installation of a tag is really quite simple. The Moneytizer (or another provider) is going to generate a tag according to your request (format, volume, targeting etc.) and follwing supplies it to you. The only thing you will have to do is then to copy-paste the tag on with the html text of your page where you want the ad to be displayed as every tag corresponds to the dimensions requested by the webmaster.


Tags are not that difficult to integrate however, you might possibly encounter some difficulties as far as layout is concerned. For that reason, you need to be able to define within the SLOC (source lines of codes) of your page where the tag has to be placed in order to have the ad displayed properly.


If you have some troubles to add the tags yourself (it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes), do not hesitate to contact our support team under support@themoneytizer.com or call us under + or our contact page. Otherwise feel free to visit our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Is there one tag to handle all the formats!?

Is there one single tag for all the formats or is it necessary to integrate one tag per format? This is a fair question and the answer is that you need one tag for one format. The two exceptions to this rule are:


  • Mobile: mobile tags automatically include a pack of three formats (footer, interstitial and over-slide). Once the tag is integrated to the page, the user will be proposed three predefined formats.
  • Footer:  footer tags are based on the same principle. One tag represents a package of two formats. The user has to choose between two formats without two tags being integrated.

Asynchrone Tags

The Moneytizer introduced its new asynchrone technology! You can process the change of your tags into asynchronous tags for faster page loading.

Obtain more specific information from our support team via Chat (in your Moneybox) or via email at (support@themoneytizer.com).

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