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Social networks growing user numbers have manifested their role as traffic drivers, leading to ever growing and growing ad revenues. Which means if you are managing a website you are pretty much forced to leverage social networks in order to increase your acquisitions or traffic.

Option 1 – Advertise on Facebook

As mentioned in previous blogs, Facebook is not always the best tool to promote a brand. Depending on the KPIs, target audience and the brand itself, it might be more beneficial to use LinkedIn or Twitter. However Facebook’s ad model is currently the most efficient and developed of all social networks. The amount of data Facebook manages to collect, makes him the leader him of social targeting.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you have a precise target audience, it might be useful to test Facebook even if it is not the first platform you considered.  What is however important is to keep in mind that the reach of free posts, published on professional pages has kept on decreasing for a few years now. This means that out of 100 people who like a brand page or blog, right now only 10 will see the posts on their newsfeed, meaning FB did a good job with making advertising for brands pretty necessary. Facebook ads are uncomplicated, easy to set up and the best way to reach a precise target within a short amount of time. So before allocating a huge amount of budget, plan a little test in oder to gage the benefits of Mark Zuckerberg network for your site.

Option 2 – Advertise on Twitter

Despite it’s by now numerous targeting options, Twitter remains less precise than Facebook due to holding a more limited amount of data of its users. Twitters ad offering is based on the nature of users tweeting and #, their content, making it possible for advertisers to support a brand message. The Microblogging network also allows to sponsor hashtags for a whole day, in order to set up competitions, improve corporate reputation and visibility on social networks.


To improve visibility on Twitter you can:

  • Promote your best tweets to be placed at the top of the list
  • Target precise key words
  • Buy sponsored tweets

Or use external tools such as

  • JustRetweet
  • TournamentForce
  • Retweets
  • SponsoredTweets
  • PayWithTweet

Option 3 – Other social networks to improve your paid traffic

Facebook and Twitter are the two main social networks to be used for paid traffic, but they are not the only possibilities. Reddit, Youtube, LinkedIn or even StumbleUpon offer interesting ad models which could be depending on your strategy and brand be of high value.

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