How to generate traffic with advertising



Generating traffic through advertising is slightly more straight forward then increasing your traffic through SEO, which is a well-known complex story. Through the data of advertising campaigns it is easier to calculate the ROI which leads to a rather exact measurement of efficiency and its future tendencies.

However as with everything else you can apply the rule good things takes while. If you wish to move blogging from a hobby to your fulltime job, you will inevitably, need to cross the advertising path. Natural traffic and social activity are imperative and the base of a well visited blog, however to go big you will need to eventually explore paid traffic options in order to boost your articles, guides, videos, tutorials etc.


Platforms such as Facebook (which is less expensive and offers more precise targeting than Google) can help you to intensify your blogging activity and also improve your organic search results. Even with a small budget your visibility will simply be multiplied. If your content is unique and of high quality you will not only profit from this due to paid for traffic triggering a wave of natural shares and clicks, meaning you improve your brand and grow your community at the same time!

1.Digital Advertising Options

To amplify your message and posts, there are three major solutions: email, social networking and advertising. All three solutions require a measure of dedication and best practice, however advertising will guarantee you a traffic increase the quickest. Email and social networking should always be the base of your growth structure, but however require dedicated and regular updates in order to gather a community of followers.


But how to advertise as a small or medium sized website on the web? The easiest way is to sign up to a digital media owner offering. Web advertising is an intermediary between advertisers and users. The display networks basically allow publishers to register and relay the content to advertisers. The providers then constitute an inventory of blogs and websites for publishing advertisements from advertisers.


And on the other side, the ad networks also offer advertisers a platform for them to target within the inventory and spread their messages efficiently.


#1 The Moneytizer

The Moneytizer is an ad platform which optimises your online ad revenues free and without obligation. Its system is based on an algorithm which works with the major digital advertising partners such as Criteo, Rubicon, Outbrain and many more, but simplifies all the otherwise complicated processes through one platform. This allows publishers to concentrate growing their website while simultaneously growing ad revenues with IAB certified formats.


#2 Google AdWords

Google Adwords is the most popular ad network. The cash machine of the Mountain View company, is responsible for over 90% of its revenues. With AdWords, it is possible to advertise in a quick and easy manner. Either with a simple text and link combination or banners via the Google Display network. Depending on budgets you should within a short period of time be able to increase your traffic and optimise your strategy based on results.


#3 Other partners

But of course there are’t just two digital media partners in the space. All other search engines (Yahoo, Bing, Qwant etc.) and private partners also offer ad solutions. In the UK you can find a broad field of companies, each being specified in it’s own field such as Mobile, DSP, Retargeting, etc. (just like The Moneytizers expertise laying within small editors).

2.Focus Mobile

As we have mentioned in our blog posts before and is also discussed broadly across the media, mobile is on the forefront and an imperative part of any ad strategy.

Regarding the creative it’s not necessary to broadcast a big mobile first, but it’s important to create a format which is mobile only, fitting the user behaviour and nature of mobile phones.

As nearly all big advertisers follow this trend, we recommend to all our users to integrate mobile formats in order to leverage the ever growing mobile audience.

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