How to establish connections between yourself and other bloggers



There are different ways to create a network of link exchanges and connections with other bloggers and Its not also a super efficient way to increase your traffic but also a great and fun way to get new ideas. But before going into details, you have to keep in mind that this is a relative long process which requires a great amount of time. So stay motivated, talk to people and do not give up!

1.How to grab other bloggers’ attention?

To get the attention of other bloggers within your community, you need to write high quality content about the same thematic area then them. If they find your writing helpful and interesting for their audience, they will not hesitate to link towards your page or share your work.


– Identify influential bloggers; you can look for influential posts of your area on Buzzsumoo, BizSugar, Triberr and ReviewMe.


– Write an article about the same topic than them with more accuracy.


– Mention the blogger who wrote the first article in your article and create a constructive criticism.


– Ask the other blogger what he thinks of the published posts via email, Facebook and Twitter (don’ forget to follow them across all channels).


If your post is of high quality and matches with the above points it will certainly get a response and in the best way a link exchange so rember to: research your topic, write well, contact people in a nice manner 🙂

2. How to get quality links quickly : Guest Blogging

So what exactly is guest blogging ? In a nutshell it is an editorial blog partnership. It involves mentioning a blogger who writes an article about a blog which is not his.
Despite some SEO specialists having alerted people to be careful with such practises, guest posting is undeniably an effective mean if used properly. First steps are mostly hard, due to the contacting of influential blogs as a new blogger being mostly hard. However, after a couple of months blogging regulary, you will be able to approach influential websites with a lot of positive replies.


If you are impatient and want to save time, you can sometimes try to negotiate the publication of an article. For instance, if you want to publish an article on a blog dedicated to new technologies, you may propose to compensate an article (written beforehand) with a service such as a payment.


If you use the above two technics you should be able to quickly acquire visibility without having to pay fees. It certainly takes a bit of time, but results are very satisfying.

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