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Online advertising terms are no longer a mystery to me!

For a long time the world of online advertising has been totally mysterious to me. This field appeared to be very different which I noticed by the first phone call I received.


Indeed, I was used to communicate in a certain conventional manner which is why I was very surprised when, after a few seconds on the phone, my interlocutor told me “hey just be cool and relaxed, we work in the world of online advertising…” So far, so good, but how do I act in such a situation?


Well, on my way back home, I decided to use this “cool and relaxed” mode of communication. The baker, the postman and the plumber glanced at me so reproachfully that I was awfully embarrassed. At that precise moment I realized that the world of online advertising had its own very particular language only understood by people working in its field. I immediately knew that I would have to borrow some books about “Advertising terms for Dummies” to acquire the necessary knowledge of ad communication.


So here we go. When I read the first word “skyscraper”; I felt that things weregoing to get tougher. What was the point with Demi Levato? Her song Skyscraper was praised but still I could not find the link between the song and the type of advertising format we deal with.

Then came the word “Big data”; this roughly reminded me of a DJ or a movie with Eddy Murphy; so nevertheless to say it was a complete mystery.

Perhaps the next term would help me out with my ignorance: “interstitial”. Can please somebody tell me why they use medical terms?Then came the footer. Am I working in a shoe shop? I at least didn’t think so! Maybe it is the action of playing football, but honestly I don’t know if I will get through this.

When I heard the word “native advertising” I was totally despaired and gave up on trying to understand.


One day, I decided to act as an expert in order to impress everybody: I told mycolleagues I was going to perform an ”overslide” in Brighton during the Easter bank holiday and realized that I had some terms to revise before being able to take part in all conversations. A couple of months later the “cloak of mystery” surrounding this lexical field has finally been lifted. Standards, high-impact formats, video, mobile web and the value of your audience are no longer secrets to me. You name an online advertising term and I tell you exactly what it is about 😉


I hope that we can help you making sense with all of these terms or processes too! See you soon on www.themoneytizer.com, an open and intuitive platform providing you transparently with all the statistics and figures you require.Our team is available, responsive and able to advise you on how to maximize the value of your audience. Your satisfaction is our success!

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