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Handling an editorial heavy website, Recommended Content is the ideal way to monetise your site through capturing the user at the heart of your editorial pages.

Consisting of an image, text and a link and sitting underneath your article, the re directs are always related to the content of your article, driving the user to an external advertiser page.
Recommendation of content has the advantage of being non-intrusive and allowing the user to discover articles which he would have not seen when browsing the web.

The remuneration is usually a CPC model, but in order to simplify the process for you we convert all clicks into a CPM to be in line with all other formats.

Avantages of Recommended Content:

  • Content is related to your article
  • There is no waiting time to access content
  • The layout of the format is non intrusive : no pop ups or expansions.  Recommended content drives the user to the advertisers page when clicked onto
  • The format doesn’t disturb the user when reading your article due to being in center and at the bottom of a page.
  • It is a native advertising format
  • The CPC remuneration model ensures lucrative revenue and a high CTR on your website

⇒ So all over all it is a non-intrusive, user initiated format which gives the user additional content of interest!

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Insertion of a tag:

Please insert the provided script in the HTML code of your page so that the ad will be displayed within its right place. Ideally this should be at the bottom of your page.

⇒ Intergration of tags within WordPress

 Attention: This format requires a number of existent articles on your website

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