An introduction to digital standard formats



Despite Rich Media banners and videos still being most popular under large advertisers, IAB standards remain very present across the web. The digital marketplace is progressing extremely quick leading to the appearance of even more complex formats, allowing a creative and interactive user experience.
Rich Media formats (dynamic & expandable banners, moving objects,…) and videos might dominate innovation and market, however will never take away the completely different role of classic display. As with other media channels, it’s simply a question of Branding vs. ROI, meaning a rich media banner has it’s role of creating brand recognition whereas standards support performance campaigns.

     1. Megabanner – 728 x 90 pixels



The basic and oldest standard format is the Megabanner which is also known under Skyscraper. Formatted with 728×90 pixels, this advertising banner is displayed above the right sidebar of a page. It has the advantage of always being visible and its dimensions allow for a broad spectrum of creative solutions. It is also the most used display format across the market.

     2.  Top Medium Rectangle – 300 x 250 pixels



Placed at the top or at the bottom of a page, the Medium Rectangle (MPU) is THE universal display standard. Given that it can be inserted within any website, the format remains an essential for all international campaigns. This banner should be a standard for any publisher willing to monetise his website.

     3.  Half Page- 300 x 600 pixels

IAB Rising Star format. Due to the large size, its CPM is averagely higher than for the other standard formats. Under advertisers the Double MPU is currently in great demand, as it allows the detailed showcase of products.

     4.  Skyscraper – 160 x 600 pixels



Another display basic, the Skyscraper is a long vertical banner on either the right of left hand side of your page. The format has the advantage of staying in view for an extended timeframe. After the Megabanner, it’s the second popular display format

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