Ad Format: Pre-roll



This is a video format. Pre-roll is also known under the name of “Instream”which is why it is placed within the video right before its content appears. 

Pre-roll starts automatically before you can see content. The publisher decides, in his settings, whether he wants it to be skippable or not. Tags insertion is specific to each player. Please mind that such operation requires technical skills; besides, both the player and video have to belong to you as a publisher.


– This is a gate you have to go through to reach quality content

– It is very lucrative

– It does not open another page

– It is not intrusive – since the user does an action to start the ad

– It has duration and it is possible to close the player if it was set up to be opened on an additional window

Tag insertion:

Insert the stream within your player

icone modifTo get this format, you need to have your own video player (not Youtube)

The player should be set to play pre-roll and must be compatible with the VAST 3.0 standard.

=> Example with Jwplayer

A very clear explanation on how to insert VAST stream can be found in the support tab.



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