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This is a video format also known under the name “Outstream” and appears in the centre when opening a page.

The video format starts automatically once the page is loaded. It is clickable and following skippable after 5 seconds. It is a video view in exchange of high quality content.


Advantages of Interstitial Video:

  • It is an exchange of an video ad view for high quality content
  • It is very profitable
  • Interstitial video occupies the whole page with high quality ad content
  • It only opens one page
  • It holds a limited duration, disappears at the end of the ad and is skippable after 5 seconds
exemple intervideo

Example of Interstitial Video


Insertion of the tag:

Place the script in the head (tag ) where you want the ad to be displayed. The script will detect automatically the right place on your page to display the ad.

⇒ Read the process for WordPress

icone modif Once you have inserted the tags, it might take a short while before the interstitial video is displayed.

This format holds a limited version of inventory, impressions,meaning that it will not be displayed on every page call.

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