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CSNs (Content Syndication Networks or Content Delivery Networks) have been experiencing strong growth for the last 2 years, due to their increasing popularity with publishers. These networks are comparable to ad networks such as Google, Yahoo and Bing with the difference that their focus sits primarily on the promotion of content including blog posts and articles.

I.   Definition of a CSN

You have most likely seen this type of advertising at the bottom of an online magazine, a news site or even a simple blog. The ads are usually placed below the content at the bottom of the page between the article and user reviews. The block of promoted ads are often headed by the words “Related posts” or ” Also on the web” and are also called “Recommended content.”

The quality of the content varies, (which is why the choice of partner is very important) but CTRs remain relatively attractive which many advertisers choose it as an alternative digital format.
Following you will find the main players within this space:



Outbrain is the biggest and most used CSN network. It is present on the majority of news sites due to offering high quality content and competitive remuneration. Some examples show a cost per click between 0.25 € and 0.50 € which is above the average of other CPC offerings.


Zemanta’s offering is along the same terms as Outbrain. The ad posts are broadcasted at the bottom of pages of content. Zemanta gathers several hundred thousand pieces of content, which are classified per interest category. Zemanta also offers an insightful interface, showing you the number of impressions, clicks and other data enabling you to establish the success or failure of the campaign.

It is important to mention that these links do not count in calculating the advertisers Page Rank. In other words, when thinking about improving your natural search rank CSN activity will not help. These links are systematically blocked by search engine solutions, meaning CSNs will solely improve your visibility through influential sites and driven traffic.


Taboola is not the global leader but very popular in local areas such as France. This service is also comparable to Outbrain well as Zemanta, due to offering recommended posts and video. Broadcasting of ads is defined by its algorithm which decides the time and location of content delivery.


Other partners

Outbrain, Zemanta and Taboola are not the only actors positioned in this sector, below you will find other products which offer similar and in some cases more nice offerings:



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