A few tips to handle online advertising



This article will give you some information on how to manage and place your ads in the best possible fashion.

The benefits of CPM remuneration

The CPM is the cost for one thousand advertising prints: you will therefore earn a certain amount of money as soon as you reach 1000 advertising prints.

Let’s suppose that you have a 1$ CPM ad on all your pages. If you later reach 100000 prints, you will earn 100$. This type of payment is effective because it monetizes each individual visit, even if no one actually clicks on the ad itself.

Therefore, if your website audience is high or keeps on increasing, it can quickly become profitable.


What should you do?

There are many different formats among which you can choose: standard formats (AIB), high impact formats, video & mobile formats, etc. The main challenge for publishers is to choose the right combination to maximize their revenues without disrupting their users’ browsing experience.

N.B: Usually, the more visible the format the more revenues you can get from it.


Some useful tips

Raise your visitors’ awareness 

Some visitors could be reluctant to see ads on your website.

However, you could simply inform them that it’s a mutually beneficial process: they gain access to your content, you get paid in return by placing ads online.

It is also crucial to warn visitors about ad-blockers. They should be aware that it prevents you from getting compensation in return of your website’s free access.


Be sensible

Do not ruin your content by placing too many ads. Try to choose the most adapted formats, avoiding the intrusive ads (pop-ups). We recommend using no more than 2 or 3 formats per page.

It is best to have just a small number of formats, when they’re cleverly laid out.

By the bye, the higher the ad is placed on your website, the greater the impact on the viewers will be, and the more money you’ll earn from it.


Choose your formats according to your audience

For example, if your website is mostly seen on smartphones, you should choose mobile adapted formats (responsive).

Though, you must not leave aside the other formats. The main thing is to make sure your ad placement matches your content. If you publish editorial content, for example, you could opt for the « out stream » video format, which basically adapts to your website layout.


In a nutshell, digital advertising is an ingenious way to monetize your website. Nonetheless, you must keep in mind that you should not randomly place ads online, because it has an impact on your visitors and their perception of your website.

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