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4 things to know

You have been thinking about writing a blog for a long time, a lot of time passes, but all of the sudden, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the willpower grabs you and it happens. You start writing and your blog is born.  First article is written – a creative text about your daily life, your passion, your job. You are full of excitement and ideas but like everyone who embarks on this adventure you very quickly realize that being a “writer” is a very time-consuming hobby.

From this point there are three options: either you stop writing, you continue writing regardless of the time spent because you truly found a new hobby or you write with the outlook to monetise your audience (and keep the hobby). Thinking economically it becomes clear that sooner or later you will eventually be interested in the latter.

But before jumping head first into the commercial ad world, certain aspects need to be understood. Within this article we try to outline those hurdles and give 4 points of advice, in order for you to avoid frustration and time loss.


#1 Too many ads kill ads

It’s no coincidence that innovation within the ad industry is ever evolving. Banner ads displayed on sites and blogs represent a large share of the billion heavy online ad spend (30% due to 2014 IAB report, behind 38% of Search which still receives the largest share of the pie).

These banners are hosted and dispersed by ad networks which then work with websites who display the ads. This eco system can create a fruitful and lucrative relationships between those parties, however if a site gets carried away with their ad revenue model, it can harm the site on more than just one level.

~Google Page Layout~

Google Page Layout is a program added by Google in 2012 in order to classify algorithm results within the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

This patch, less known than his colleagues Panda and Penguin, was created to penalize sites holding too many ads above the main content of a page. Since 2012 Google has integrated three updates of this technology but only a minority of sites have been affected within each shift (less than 1 %).


Despite this small percentage, it’s better to be safe than sorry as getting rid of a penalty requires effort and is also very time consuming. So be mindful when choosing your ad formats as too many commercials might result in a penalty of your site.

~Page Load Time~

Media partners often utilise different web advertising technologies, which must be installed within the user’s browser. So when a visitor lands on your page, it launches an external call to load the page. If multiple advertising solutions are present, the sites loading time increases which following influences the SEO and its user experience negatively. So be careful and aspire to leverage optimal format solutions in order to monetize your site responsibly.


#2 Good things take time

Digital advertising is a fast moving world and very convenient to make money. However, be aware that several thousand visits are not enough to generate a high amount of additional income. The sum can potentially reimburse costs of your website provider and domain name, but do not expect to earn the rent of your apartment or a holiday to St Barths. So remember, every little helps and the more effort invested, the better it will be!

3# Mobile is the future

Evolution of website traffic from 2012 to 2013

Evolution of website traffic from 2012 to 2013



That Mobile is taking over the web is one fact everyone agrees on, even Google! But why should this be important to you? Well, simply because most websites are not mobile optimised, meaning you are losing out on a big part of your audience. You have a mobile ready site? Well then make sure you are leveraging mobile ad formats! We at The Moneytizer have fully addressed this issue and provide a range of formats which maintain an intact user experience whether on mobile or on a traditional computer!

4# It’s better on top

As mentioned within point one, insertion of advertising needs to be well thought through. However, if you want to maximize your income make sure to place a Megabanner at the top of your page and other formats on the side due to all sitting above the fold. These formats are a standard selection for each premium site and shouldn’t be missing on yours!

Profitable Standard

Profitable Standard format



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